Áncora La Cornisa

Spectacular new construction project of 38 luxury homes with 2 and 3 bedrooms and penthouses, parking spaces and storage rooms.

Homes designed with an eye for quality, comfort and sustainability. Each home has spacious rooms with large windows and dreamy terraces. The houses on the ground floor have a private garden and the penthouses have a private sun terrace.

Located in Montemar, a few minutes from Carihuela beach.

Homes with sea views and large terraces facing south.

Foundation and Structure:

Reinforced concrete basement walls as ground containment, in accordance with the Technical Building Decree. DB-SE-C “Foundations”. Reticular flat forging according to CTE DB-SE “Structural safety”. Flat reinforced concrete slab in the formation of driveways.

External woodwork:

Exterior carpentry made with PVC profiles, in accordance with CTE DB-HE “Energy Saving” and DB-HR “Noise Protection”.
Double glazing, glass with thermo-acoustic insulation in all residential units. PVC roller blinds in all bedrooms.


Exterior closure with perforated solid brick and self-supporting cladding – plasterboard system – on the inner plate, with thermal insulation, according to CTE DB-HE “Energy Saving”. Separation of houses with 15cm perforated solid brick and self-supporting double cladding and acoustic insulation, according to CTE DB-HR


Indoor installation of hot and cold water with copper or cross-linked polyethylene pipes, according to CTE DB-HS “Health”.
Hot water supplied by aerothermal equipment, according to DB-HE. Sanitary ware made of vitrified porcelain, chrome mixer taps.
Water supply and drainage for washing machine and dishwasher.


Thermal and acoustic insulation in outdoor housing.
Roofs and terraces made waterproof with asphalt cloth, according to CTE DB-HS “Health”.
Acoustic insulation between different floors by means of a baffle plate under the floor of the house.


Indoor electrical installation, in accordance with current regulations of the Ministry of Industry.
Television and telephone connections in kitchen, living room and bedrooms.
Facilities required to access cable television services.
Electronic door system.

Air conditioning and ventilation:

Installation of central duct air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms, according to DB-HE Energy Savings”.

In homes, ventilation takes place via a mechanical ventilation system, in accordance with CTE DB-HS “Health”.


Suspended ceiling in lobbies, distributors, corridors, bathrooms, toilets and kitchen.
Roofs of the rest of the house covered with plaster.
Rendering with cement mortar, on exterior enclosures.


Plastic paint is applied to interior walls.
White plastic paint is applied to plaster ceilings in the kitchen, bathrooms, lobbies and distribution boxes.


Interior floor of the house made of grés tiles (large format).
Tiled terraces with non-slip tiles.
Parking floors and storage areas with continuous troweled concrete paving.


Automatically opening garage door.
Large gardens.
Communal swimming pool.

Wall coverings:

Tiles in bathrooms and toilets.


Kitchen equipped with upper and lower cabinets, equipped with refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, oven, ceramic hob, extractor hood and sink.

Interior carpentry:

Entrance door with a three-point lock and anti-lever hinges.
Interior doors textured wood-like finish. Built-in cabinets, lined on the inside with melamine board, equipped with an intermediate shelf and a hanging rod.


Bij aankoop van een appartement meubelcheque twv €2500,- cadeau

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Portal2 Price m2 Bedrooms Basement Storage room: Terrace Solarium Map
Available Garden B €515.000+IVA 211.83m2 2 83.97m2 25.10m2 37.97m2 Map
Reservered GF B €510.000+IVA 167.77m2 2 47.27m2 67.05m2 Map
Sold 2B €405.000+IVA 106.73m2 2 31.63m2 Map
Reservered 3B €580.000+IVA 114.98m2 2 30.66m2 76.60m2 Map



Portal3 Price m2 Bedrooms Basement Storage room: Terrace Solarium Map
Available Garden A €520.000+IVA 211.85m2 2 83.99m2 25.10m2 37.97m2 Map
Available Garden B €515.000+IVA 203.27m2 2 80.19m2 59.46m2 36.56m2 Map


Terms of payment

Upon reservation When signing the purchase contract After 1 year of signing Upon delivery
€10.000,- 30% – €10.000,- 10% 60%

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