The Costa del Sol has it all, reads the slogan. And that certainly goes for real estate. Houses, apartments, commercial properties, B&Bs and hotels…you can find them all on the Costa del Sol. The possibilities are many, both for small and large investors.

The Costa del Sol is a region very attractive to investors of all nationalities, partly because the revaluations of coastal properties have been constant for years.

When it comes to investing in real estate on the Costa del Sol, as an investor you have several options depending on your needs and buying power. Roughly speaking, these are the following possibilities:

Buying to rent out

A classic within real estate investments on the Costa del Sol. Buying property and then putting it on the rental market can yield high returns in the medium term.

When buying to rent on the Costa del Sol you can think of:

Vacation rentals: the coastal area is one of the most touristic areas of Spain, so occupancy is more than assured. This applies both to apartment rentals and when you decide to adapt a property as a B&B or hotel.

Traditional rental: it offers a very stable income and removes the worry of having to manage certain services related to vacation rentals. Consider cleaning, access control, key transfer, etc.

Traditional rentals also apply to commercial properties.

Buying, refurbishing and selling

Buy, refurbish and sell is one of the classics in real estate investing. It consists of purchasing an existing property to revalue it through a renovation that allows for maximum profitability upon resale.

This type of investment is perfect for those seeking short-term returns. However, it requires a thorough knowledge of the region’s real estate industry.

Buying from floor plan

New construction has been reactivated in many Costa del Sol municipalities due to constant buyer demand. When a house is purchased off-plan, it is common that it has already been revalued when it is time to sign the deeds.

If you want to invest on the Costa del Sol for personal use or to earn returns, it is definitely advisable to go to professionals who will guide you throughout the process. With us, you are assured of the highest professionalism and more than 20 years of experience.

So invest safely in the hands of professionals…..many investors have already gone before you!

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